Grand Canyon River Running Stories

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What we do for fun…Lava Falls, left run

Rowing Dories in the Grand Canyon?

Best damn river trip on earth.

     I escaped the Chicago Jewish ghetto in the early 70’s needing leave everything “civilized” behind. Then came years of living in tipis, hippie buses & yurts, and doing crazy shit like mountaineering, rock climbing, & hitchhiking across the US.

     Rivers, specifically the The Mighty Colorado in the Grand Canyoned my ass dav. More to the point, I found a tribe I could feel connected to:

  • 1River guides. noun
  • A band of brothers & sisters. An eclectic bunch of talented misfits, often anti-authoritarian, and untamable as the rivers they run.

     Mostly our clients see our professional side, where we pretend we’re not shitting our pants in the face of the storm. Which is why some call us "River Gods” instead of river guides (often with tongue in cheek, and scotch in hand).

     I write about the outrageous people I've met, the glorious things I've seen, and the mad mis-adventures I've had a hand in. They show who we really are; our fears and frailties… and our shining moments. Have a highland single malt and enjoy some of the stories in that column to the right for free! (or buy one of my Kindle adventures for a buck and a half!)

Below are some video links from the Grand Canyon:

Lava Falls; right run

What we do for fun, part duex…Matkatamiba Canyon

Upset Rapids, mile 150

Huge, strong Ned entertaining the folks...

How to get dories on shore...

34 years without a flip in the Grand Canyon… then I mentioned it… 3 flips in Lava in 4 years. Lets hope that rule of 3’s holds.